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Tools, Resources, & Links

This are recommendations of companies or services I use or have used that have worked well. I do not receive any compensation from any of these companies for listing them here. Please make any decisions based on your own evaluation and your specific company needs. If you have questions about my experiences with any of these, you are welcome to contact me at or schedule a call at or choose Meeting with Tom to the right side of this page.

  • Team Communication:   Others include: Skype, Google Hangouts Chat, Zoho Cliq, Microsoft Teams, Jive Click to Connect, and there are many others.)
  • Phone Systems: [voip, test, fax, full pbx]* There are many Phone system providers – analyze what you need both now and for future growth before making a decision. DO NOT let price alone be the determining factor)
  • Password management: (teams edition and there is a free version for individuals) *
  • Online meeting/web conferencing: / *
    (Another great  option:
  • CRM – Client Relationship Management System: (Mention My name and NDS – You may get a better deal LOL) – many do not need something as detailed and involved.
  • CRM: – I used this for my previous company and was happy with it. For a small team or individual and I was NOT in Drug testing so not sure of the applicability.
  • Webcams:
  • VOIP phones: Polycom VVX 601 is one I use –
  • Documents Management/sharing: (dropbox business for teams)
  • Document Sharing: We also use google docs that allow for editing at the same time and for sharing docs with clients that they can update and you can see in real time – great for spreadsheet updates.

*FYI these are now all owned by same company (gotomeeting, jive, last pass, and other programs that are great for remote teams.)

Other Resources:

**TPA Management software & MRO Services, including eCCF, and automated results reporting:

**Sales Training/Customer Service Training: If you want assistance training your sales team or improving your sales process, you are welcome to contact me directly as I have worked with hundreds of companies from a variety of industries to train their teams. Both virtual Face-to-Face and in person training available.

**Drug Testing Business Consulting: If you want hands on help, [DISCLAIMER: Joe Reilly owns National Drug Screening as well as Joe Reilly & Associates – I am providing this as a resource because he has worked with many drug testing companies to successfully grow their businesses.